ऐन्द्री - Citrullus colocynthis


Name - इन्द्रवारुणी

Botanical name - Citrullus colocynthis

Description - Perennial trailing herb, branchlets hirsute; leaves alternate, simple, petiolate, ovate or narrowly triangular, deeply trilobed, lobes pinnatifid, triangular, charta- ceous, rigid; tendril simple, slender, petiole up to 3 cm; male flower 1 cm across, yellow; female flower ovary ovoid; fruits globose, striped green and white when young, yellow when ripe.

Chemical Constituents- Fruits and seeds contain glucose and alpha-spinasterol respectively. Pulp contains anti-cancer glycoside alpha-elaterin -2-D-glucopyranoside in addition to alpha- elaterin (cucurbitacin E) and citrullol. Glycosides in fruit composed of elaterin, elatericin B (cucurbitacin 1) and hydroelatericin B (cucurbitacin L). Seed contain fatty acids; seed oil contains triterpene citrullonol. Different parts contain steroidal sapogenins

Use - Colocynth is a gastro intestinal stimulant or irritant, and one of the most powerful and well known purgatives, acting as a hydrogogue cathartic. Indicated to produce free evacuation of bowels in bilious derangement of chronic constipation. It is seldom prescribed alone as it causes griping. It is used also in rheumatism and jaundice. V

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