ऎकाष्ठीलः  - Mimusops elengi


Name - बृहद्बकुलः

Botanical name - Mimusops elengi

Description - Mimusops elengi is a large glabrous evergreen tree. Sealy, smooth bark. leaves elliptic, glabrous, white very fragrant flowers, axillary solitary or fascicled. Fruit is a berry, ovoid, yellow in colour when ripe, seed solitary, ovoid, compressed, brown and shining

Chemical Constituents- Roots contain steroidal saponin. Bark contains saponins. Leaves contain glucosides. Flowers contain sterols. Fruits and seeds contain quercitol, ursolic acid, glucose, quercetin, dihydroquercetin and Beta-sitosterol glucoside. Bark contains taraxerone, taraxerol, betulinic acid, alpha-spinasterol. Leaves, heart-wood and roots contain hentriacontane, Beta-carotene and lupeol. Kernel contains sapogenin and saponin. Bark contains tannin. Seeds contain fatty oil.

Use - Astringent in action. It is used effectively in disorders of gums, teeth, and a good medicine for oral disorders. it is also effective in bleeding disorders of other organs like uterus( Metroragia )intestine (colitis) etc. Dried flowers used in constipation

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