उपचित्रा - Baliospermum montanum


Name - लघुदन्ती

Botanical name - Baliospermum montanum

Description - Erect sub-herbaceous leafy shrub, 1-2 m high; leaves alternate, simple, petiole stout, stipules glandular, lower ones 15-30 cm long while upper ones 5.0-7.5 cm in length, oiglandular at base, rigid, ribs prominent; racemes 0.4 cm, may contain only male flowers or a few female flowers too; florets small, subsessile; capsules trilobed, 0.8-1.25 cm long; seeds mottled and endosperm oily.

Chemical Constituents- Root: montanin, baliospermin, 12-deoxyphorbol and 12-deoxy-16-OH phorbol, 5 new phorbol esters and tigliane.

Use - Seeds are a drastic purgative. Seed oil used as a powerful hydrogogue, cathartic; also used externally in rheumatism. Root purgative.

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