Sida rhombifolia Linn.

Family Malvaceae

Sida rhombifolia.JPG

Habitat Throughout India, in moist places.

English Common Bala. Ayurvedic Mahaabalaa, Mahaasamangaa, Sahadevaa, Kshetrabalaa.

Unani Bariyaara (red-flowered var.).

Siddha/Tamil Athi Bala-chedi, Chitrmutti, Tennacham.

Action Plant—used as a supporting drug in pulmonary tuberculosis, nervous diseases and rheumatism. Leaves—applied to swelling as paste. Stem-mucilage—demulcent and emollient. Used internally in skin diseases and as a diuretic and febrifuge.

The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of In dia recommends the root in deficient spermatogensis and oedema.

Alkaloids, ephedrine, si-ephedrine and cryptolepine, are reported from aerial parts. The root contains 0.054% alkaloids, beta-phenethylamine, Nmethyl-beta-phenethylamine, vasicinol, vasicinone, vasicine, choline and betaine. These alkaloids are also present in the aerial parts.

Alcoholic extract of the root exhibited antibacterial and antipyretic activities.

Proteins, linoleic, malvlic and ster- culic acids have been reported from seeds.

Dosage Root—3—6 g powder.

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