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Vernonia cinerea Less.

Family _ Compositae; Asteraceae.

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Habitat _ Distributed throughout

India. Common in waste places and

road side.

English _ Ash coloured Fleabane,

Purple Fleabane.

Ayurvedic _ Sahadevi, Uttamkanyaka,


Siddha/Tamil _ Naichotte Poonde.


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Action _ Plant—febrifuge, diaphoretic

(infusion of herb, combined with

quinine, is used against malaria).

Used as a specific herb for leucorrhoea,

dysuria, spasm of bladder,

strangury and for haematological

disorders, as a blood purifier and

styptic. Also used in asthma.

Seeds—anthelmintic, antiflatulent,

antispasmodic; used in dysuria,

leucoderma, psoriasis and other

skin diseases. Roots—anthelmintic;

decoction used for colic.



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