Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.

Family _ Amaryllidaceae; Hypoxidaceae.

Curculigo orchioides


Habitat _ Sub-tropical Himalayas

from Kumaon eastwards; Western

Ghats from Konkan Southwards.

Ayurvedic _ Taalmuuli, Taalpatri,

Krishna Mushali, Bhuumitaala.

Unani _ Musli Siyaah.

Siddha/Tamil _ Nilappanan kizhangu.

Action _ Nervine, adaptogenic, sedative,

anticonvulsive, androgenic,

anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

Used in Jaundice, urinary disorders,

skin diseases and asthma.


Therhizomecontains saponins (curculigosaponin

C and F promoted proliferation

of spleen lymphocytes very

significantly; F and G increased the

weight of the thymus in vitro in mice);

sapogenins; phenolic glycosides, a triterpene

alcohol; a pentacyclic triterpene,

an aliphatic compound, hentriacontanol,

sitosterol, stigmasterol,

cycloartenol and sucrose. A peptide,

Curculin C, containing amino

acids, has been isolated from the fruit.

In traditional Chinese medicine,

dried rhizome, containing curculigoside

is used as a tonic for its immunological

and protective property.

In Indian medicine, powdered rhizomes

withmilk are taken as a restorative

tonic, also for sexual debility.

the plant exhibited

hypoglycaemic property.



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