Premna latifolia Roxb.

Family _ Verbenaceae.

Premna latifolia

Habitat _ Peninsular India, Bihar,

West Bengal and North-eastern


English _ Dusky Fire Brand Bark.

Ayurvedic _ Agnimantha (var.).

Siddha/Tamil _ Pachumullai, Erumai


Folk _ Agethu (var.).

Action _ Leaves—diuretic, spasmolytic.

Stem bark—hypoglycaemic.

The leaves gave a furanoid, premnalatin,

and flavone glycosides. The

stem bark gave iridoid glucosides and

geniposidic acid.

Premna latifolia var. mucronata C.B.

Clarke and Premna barbata Wall. are

known as Bakaar and Basota (in Garhwal).

These have been equated with the

classical herb Vasuhatta.

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