Mirabilis jalapa Linn.



Family _ Nyctaginaceae.




Mirabilis jalapa Linn.

Habitat _ North-West Himalayas,

Bengal and Manipur.

English _ Four-O’Clock Plant,

Marvel of Peru.

Ayurvedic _ Trisandhi.

Unani _ Gul-abbaas.

Siddha/Tamil _ Andhimalligai.

Action _ Leaf—used for treating

uterine discharge; as poultice for

abscesses and boils; fresh juice is

applied to body in urticaria, also for

inflammations and bruises. Tuber—

used as a poultice on carbuncles.

Root—mild purgative, spasmolytic.

The tuberous rootswere erroneously

thought to be the source of jalap.

The plant is used for its antitumour

and virus-inhibitory activity.

The plant contains triterpenes, alpha-

amyrin and its acetate. Mirabilis

Antiviral Protein (MAP) was isolated

from the tuberous roots. MAP also

showed antiproliferative effect on

tumour cells. (MAP is abortifacient.)

TwoMirabilis jalapa antimicrobial proteins,

seeds, showed broad spectrum

antifungal actvity involving

a number of pathogenic fungi.

Miraxanthins I, II, III and IV, indicaxanthin

and vulgaxanthin have been

isolated from flowers.


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