Botanical Name—Tephrosia purpurea (Linn.) Pers.

(T. hamiltomi Drumm ex Gamble Cracca purpurea L)

Names in different languages

Hindi-Saraphonkha; English- Wild Indigo or Purple tephrosia; Telugu-Vempali chettu; Bengali- Ban Neela; Marathi- Unhali; Gujrati & Punjabi- Sarpankho; Tamil—Kolingi; Malayalam- Katamiri,kozhighil; Kannada-Egyali.

Synonyms— Pliha satru, Ni1avrkãktti, imbiphalã, Mahousadhi

Introduction— Sarapunkha is not found in the vedic literature as well as in Caraka Sambita. Only references are traceable from the works of Suruta and Vagbhata it used in the management of Plihödara (splenomegaly).

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