Oxalis corniculata


 Rainy season aggravation of..
Vata ?⬆️ decrease of Pitha ?⬇️
Chances of abdominal digestive problems..
solution is a small leafy vegetable with Sour taste and Hot potency..

Oxalis corniculata
चाङ्गेरी दीपनी रुच्या रूक्षोष्णा कफवातनुत् |
पित्तलाऽम्ला ग्रहण्यर्शःकुष्ठातीसारनाशिनी॥ (Bhavaprakash) 
Kapha Vatahara, Pitha vardhana 
Appetizer, Digestive 
A Excellent food and medicine in.. 
Grahani disorders, Deepana, Arshagna, Kushtagna 
Takra preparing out of this delicious..














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