Albizia amara (Roxb.) Boivin

Family Mimosaceae.
Habitat Throughout southern India in dry forests, up to 900 m, and in some parts of Madhya Pradesh.
Ayurvedic Shirish (bark—grey or greenish).
Siddha/Tamil Thuringil.
Action Leaf and flower—anti- inflammatory, used for boils and
ulcers. Leaf—used for erysipelas. Seeds—astringent, antidiarrhoeal, antibacterial.
The seed extract showed DNA binding activity, which has been found to
be due to pithecolibine alkaloids, budmunchiamines. Budmunchiamines are antibacterial, and they inhibit platelet aggregation and human lymphocyte transformation. They also show anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activity.
The leaves contain prodelphinidins, myricitrin, hyperin, quercitrin, transp- coumaric acid, cis-p-coumaric acid and trans-ferulic acid.
The seeds contain echinocystic acid and taxifolin-3-O-beta-D xylopyranosyl-beta-D-arbinopyranoside.
The oil from the seeds is said to cure leprosy and leucoderma.

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