Agaricus campestris Linn.
Synonym Psalliota campestris (Linn.) Fr.
Family Agaricaceae.
Habitat The fungi is distributed in many parts of India, particularly on the hills and plains of northern and eastern India. Grows during the rainy weather on dead organic matter, e.g. rotting leaves and manure.
English Field mushroom, Edible mushroom.
Ayurvedic Chhatraka, Bhuumichhatra.
Unani Kammat.
Siddha Venkodiveli.
Folk Khumbi.
Action A protein (2.74%) supplement and an excellent source of vitamins of B complex. Vitamins K, C and D are also present. Though all the amino acids are reported to be present, the concentration of tryptophane is particularly low.
Extracts of A. campestris contain tyrosinase; lowered blood pressure of hypertensive animals when administered intravenously (exhibited no effect on normal animals).
Fungal enzyme preparations have been used in digestive diseases.
Field mushroom contains amylase, maltase, glycogenase, protease, catalase, tyrosinase, phosphomonoesterases, polyphosphatases, polyphenoloxidase and dehydropeptidases.


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