Actaea spicata Linn.
Synonym A. acuminata Wall. ex Royle
Family Ran unculaceae.
Habitat Native to Europe; grows in temperate Himalayas from Hazara to Bhutan.
English Baneberry Grapewort. Folk Visha-phale (Kannada).
Action Root—antirheumatic,
anti-inflammatory, nerve sedative, emetic, purgative; used in the
treatment of rheumatic fever, lumbago, scrofula, nervous disorders, chorea.
The plant is reported to contain trans-aconitic acid, which shows a strong cytostatic action. Its Me ether is active against Ehrlich’s ascites tumours.
In folk medicine, roots are used in cases of ovarian neuralgia, uterine tenderness and sub-involution. They are adulterant of the roots of Helleborus niger. Berries are poisonous; used topically for skin diseases. The toxic constituent is protoanemonin (lactone). It is irritant to mucous membrane.

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