Acacia torta


Synonym A. intsia Willd. A. caesia Wright and Am, nonWilld.

Family Mimosaceae.

Habitat Throughout India in the dry and intermediate zones; ascending to an altitude of about 1,200 m in the Himalayas.

Ayurvedic Aadaari, Lataa Khadira (related sp., see. A. pennata).

Siddha/Tamil Kariyundu, Ingu.

Folk Araar, Chilar (Punjab), Aila (Maharashtra).

Action Flower—emmenagogue. Bark—anti-inflammatory, antiseptic (in skin diseases). Bark contains 17% tannins, triterpene alcohol, saponins of acacic acid, lupeol and a steroid, acaciol. An alkaloid, tryptamine, is present in the root and stem bark.

Various plant parts are used in cough, bronchitis, measles, tubercular fistula and in the treatment of menstrual disorders. The bark is used for washing the haiL


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