Acalypha indica

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Genus: Acalypha


Sanskrit: Harita manjari
Hindi: Kuppi, Kuppikhokhali
English: Indian Copperleaf, Indian acalypha,
Indian nettle, Three-seeded-mercury
Malayalam: Kuppameni, Kuppi, Kuppikhokhali

Habitat _ Occurs throughout the

plains of India, ascending the hills

in Orissa up to 1500 m.

English _ Indian Acalypha.

Ayurvedic _ Kuppi, Muktavarchaa,


Siddha/Tamil _ Kuppaimeni.

Folk _ Khokli, Kuppi, Aamaabhaaji.



Assamese Muktojhuri, Patra-manjori
English Indian Acalypha
Irula Kuppagida
Kannada Chalmari
Malayalam Kuppamani, Kuppameni
Others Kuppaimeni, Kuppu, Rudra, Indian Acalypha, Khokali, Kuppameynie
Tamil Kuppaimeni, Naai Kurungu, Kuppaimaeni, Poonamayakki, Naaikurungu


Annual herbs, to 60 cm tall; stem striate, pubescent. Leaves 1.2-6.5 x 1-3.8 cm, broadly ovate, base rounded to shortly attenuate, margin crenate-serrate, apex acute or obtuse, basally 5-nerved; petiole 1.5-5.5 cm long. Spikes axillary, 2.5-6.2 cm long, monoecious, rachis ending in a triradiate hood at the tip. Male flowers above, ebracteate, minute, clustered; anthers vermiculiform. Female flowers below subtended by foliaceous, 3-7 mm long, suborbicular-cuneiform, many-nerved, toothed bracts; ovary hispid, 3-lobed; styles 3, each 2-fid. Capsules 3-valved, concealed by bract, hispid.

In axillary spikes, male flowers above middle, female flowers below the middle; greenish. Flowering throughout the year.

A capsule, bivalved, hardly enlarged; seeds subglobose. Fruiting throughout the year.

Field tips
Leaves often greenish with yellow blotches, long petiolate.

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Type

Leaf Shape
Broadly ovate

Leaf Apex

Leaf Base

Leaf Margin



Antibacterial (leaf used in scabies). Plant—emetic, expectorant (used in bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia). Tincture of fresh plant is used in homoeopathy for incipient phthisis with bloody expectorations, emaciation and arterial haemorrhage.
The plant contains kaempferol; leaves and twigs contain acalyphamide and other amides, quinone, sterols, cyanogenic glycoside.
The herb causes intestinal irritati

 The herb causes intestinal irritation

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