Name - नाकुली

Botanical name - Aristolochia indica

Description - Climbers or twiners with greenish-white grooved stem and ovate- oblong entire leaves. Flowers pale green with inflated base and narrow cylindric tube. Capsule oblong; seeds winged.

Chemical Constituents- Roots contain essential oil having phenanthrene derivatives like aritolic acid, aristolochic acid, alkaloid I- curine (aristolochine), sesquiterpenoids like ishwarene, ishwarone, aristolochene, ishwarol, naphthoquinone aristolindiquinone, steriods like Beta-sitosterol, sterol glucoside and others like p-coumaric acid, d-camphor, fixed oil having glycerides and sitosterol. Whole plant contains 12-nonacosinoic acid.

Use - Roots and rhizome used as gastric stimulant and bitter tonic. Aristolochic acid used for stimulating phagocytosis in infectious diseases in combination with antibiotics. Juice of leaves used in cough and seeds in inflammation and biliousness

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