नन्दिनी- Lepidium sativum


Name - चन्द्रिका

Botanical name - Lepidium sativum

Description - Small herbs. Leaves variable, pinnatisect. Flowers small, white, in long racemes

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains volatile oil. Leaves contain vitamin A. Seeds contain alkaloid, glycoside, volatile oil and a semi-drying oil. Seed mucilage contains polysaccharides.

Use - Leaves mild stimulant, diuretic, used in scorbutic diseases and hepatic complaints. Seeds emmenagogue, galactogogue, diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac, laxative and rubefacient, used in poultices and sprains. Roots used in secondary syphilis and teneamus. Seed mucilage allays irritation of the intestines in dysentery and diarrhoea.

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