नॆत्रॊपमफलः- Prunus amygdalus


Name - वातादः

Botanical name - Prunus amygdalus

Description - Prunus amygdalus, is a middle sized tree with simple leaves, alternate and greyish when fully grown. Flowers White, showy, appearing before the leaves or with the early foliage from scaly buds. Fruits are velvety drupes, separating into two valves on maturity exposing the Compressed stones having minute holes, the Stones enclose the valuable Kernel Almond.

Chemical Constituents- Seed : almond oil; Fruit: HCN-glucoside

Use - The bitter variety is poisonous because of its hydrocyanic acid content. Sweet almonds are demulcent and highly nutritive. Useful as a non starchy diet for diabetics. The bitter almonds that have a characteristic odour and taste are sedative and should not be used unless specifically mentioned.

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