Name - चॊरकः

Botanical name - Angelica glauca



Description - Phytography : Glabrous herb, 1-4 m high; leaves uni-, bi- or tripinnate, pinnae large, toothed; umbels compound with many rays; many bracts and bracteoles; florets white or lurid purple; fruits 1.25 cm by 0.6 cm, subquadrate; seeds small

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Dried roots (of plants in Jammu and Kashmir): an essential oil (0.4%); it contains lactones, sesquiterpenes, 8-a-cadinene, umbelliprenin and a terpene alcohol; Fruit: an essential oil. Remark : Roots are used as spice and condiment.


Use - Traditional use : Herb : in dyspepsia, constipation, ulcer of palate, infantile atrophy, dysentery, menorrhagia and rinderpest; Root-powdBr: m stomach trouble of children, vomiting, and as cardiac stimulant; Dal or curry flavoured with this : gives vitality and strength to women after delivery. Modern use: Herb: as stimulant and also in dyspepsia and constipation 

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