Mallotus philippensis Muell.-Arg.



Family Euphorbiaceae.



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Habitat Throughout tropical regions of India.

English Karnala tree, Monkey Face tree.

Ayurvedic Kampilaka, Kampila,

Karkash, Raktaanga, Rechan, Chandra.

Unani Kamilla, Kambilaa.

Siddha/Tamil Kapli, Kalupatti.

Action Gland and hair of fruit— purgative, anthelmintic, styptic. Used for the treatment of tapeworm infestation; in scabies, ringworm, herpes. Fruit—hypoglycaemic, spasmolytic, antibacterial.


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Capsule hair and glands gave phlo roglucinol derivatives; rottlerin, isorottlerin, iso-ailorottlerin (the “red com pound”) and methylene-bis-methyl phloroacetophenone (the “yellow com pound”). The red powder, obtained from capsules, containing largely resinous matter, had lithotropic effect in rats, comparable to drugs used com monly against urinary calculi. Two more compounds designated as kama lins 1 and 2 have been isolated.

The stem bark contains kamaladiol 3-acetate and friedelin.

Dosage Glands and hairs of the fruit—0.5—1.0 g powder.


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