Nervilia aragoana ( पदमचारिणि ,ഓരിലതാമര)


ON this rainy season again growing well..

One of the source of Padmacharini

☀️Nervilia aragoana

❄️ kaphavatahara useful in Mootrakrichra and different Akshirogas, Rasayana 
❄️The synonyms indicates a plant looking like padma in terms of leaf
?and spreading nature like lotus under the ground ... but growing on land so called Sthalapadma.

❄️It is one of the ingredients of Vatsyamanthakagritha 
Kerala traditional Ayurvedic books used this for various urinary disorders and Eye problems 
?#Mootrakrichra : Padmacharini with water or with Tandulodaka and Kadakabeeja bhasma (Yogamritam) 
?#Mootratisara : Padmacharini peya (Yogamritam) 
?#Mootrashmari : Kandha with Dadhimastu (Chikithsakawthukam) 
?#Netrarogas :Dhara of tubers mix with sthanya (Yogamritam, Arogyaraksha kalpadruma)







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