Aleurities moluccana (Linn.) Willd.
Synonym A. triloba J. R. and G. Forst.
Family Euphorbiaceae.
Habitat Native to China; now mostly grown on the tea estates of Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, and also in Assam and Bengal to provide shade for tea bushes.
English Candlenut tree.
Ayurvedic Akshota, Jangali Akharot.
Siddha/Tamil Naatuakrottu.
Action Oil from seeds—purgative; employed externally in rheumatism; ulcers; also as a hair tonic. Leaves— applied in acute rheumatism. Fruit—carminative and expectorant. Bark and flowers—used for asthma.
Aleurites fordii Hemsl., Tung Oil tree, native to China, is also equated with Jangali Akharot.
The tree was introduced on the tea estates of Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Coorg and Mysore.


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