Agropyron repens Beauv.
Synonym Triticum repens L.
Family Gram ineae; Poaceae.
Habitat The western Himalayas and Kashmir at altitudes between 2,700 and 3,600 m.
English Couch grass, dog grass, wheat grass.
Action Demulcent (used in cystitis, nephritis), aperient,
diuretic and urinary antiseptic, anticholesterolaemic.
Key application In irrigation
therapy for inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and for the
prevention of kidney gravel.
(German Commission E, The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.) It is
contraindicated in oedema due to cardiac or renal insufficiency.
The juice of rhizomes is used for cystitis, nephritis, scirrhous liver; decoction for tonsils and as an adjuvant for cancer; also used for gout and rheumatism, and chronic skin disorders.
The rhizome contains triticin, a carbohydrate allied to starch, a fructosan polysaccharide, inositol, mannitol; volatile oil up to about 0.05%, consisting mainly of agropyrene; vanillin glucoside; mucilage, gum, large quantities of silica; iron, minerals, vitamins, K salt. Agropyrene is reported to have broad antibiotic properties. Extracts show uric acid solvent properties. Agropyrene is antifungal.


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