Aesculus indica Hook.
Family Sapindaceae; Hippocastanaceae.

Habitat The Himalayas from Kashmir to western Nepal, Kulu and Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, Tehri-Garhwal and Kumaon in Uttar Pradesh at 900—3,600 m.
English Indian Horse Chestnut, Himalayan Chestnut.
Folk Bankhor.
Action Antirheumatic, galactogenic, antileucorrhocic.
The leaves contain aescin, quercetin and beta-sitosterol. Stems also contain rutin, astragalin, aesculin. Seeds contain aescin, aesculuside A and B, also aliphatic esters. Seeds possess anti- inflammatory activity.
The extract of seeds is considered to be active against P-388 lymphocytic leukaemia and human epidermoid carcinoma of nasopharynx.


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