Adenanthera pavonina Linn.
Adansonia digitata Linn.
Family Bombacaceae.
Habitat Native to tropical Africa; common along the west coast of India.
English Baobab, Monkey Bread tree, African calabash.
Ayurvedic Sheet-phala, Ravanaamlikaa, Gorakshi, Panchparni.
Unani Gorakh Imli.
Siddha/Tamil Papparapuli.
Folk Gorakh Imli; Gorakh Chinchaa.
Action Cooling, refrigerant (allays burning sensation). Leaves— diaphoretic (used as a prophylactic against fevers). Fruit—antidysenteric, antiseptic, antihistaminic.
The fruit pulp is a source of vitamin C (175.0 445.4 mgL100 g); dried pulp contains calcium and vitamin Bi. Furfural (9.6%) is obtained after distillation of the fruit. In Africa, dried leaves provide much of the dietary calcium. Aqueous extract of the bark is used for treating sickle cell anaemia.
An infusion of the leaves and flowers is given in respiratory disorders. (Powdered leaves prevented crisis in asthma induced by histamine in guinea pigs.) Dried fruit pulp also gives relief in bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis and urticaria.
Family Leguminosae; Mimosaceae. Habitat The western Ghats, the
Andamans and sub-Himalayan tract; also cultivated.
English Coral Wood, Red Wood.
Ayurvedic Rakta Kanchana, Rakta Kambala.
Siddha/Tamil Anai-gundumani. Folk Ghumchi (bigger var.).
Action Astringent and styptic (used in diarrhoea, haemorrhage from the stomach, haematuria), anti-inflammatory (in rheumatic affections, gout). Seeds— anticephalgic; also used for the treatment of paralysis. A decoction is given in pulmonary affections.
The seed contains an anti-inflammatory active principle, 0-acetyletha- nolamine. The leaves contain octacosanol, dulcitol, glucosides of betasitosterol and stigmasterol. The bark contains sitgmasterol glucoside.


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