Aconitum palmatum D. Don.
Synonym A. bisma (Buch.-Ham.) Rap aics.
Family Ranunculaceae.
Habitat The alpine Himalayas of Sikkim, Nepal, the adjoining parts of southern Tibet, between altitudes of 3,000 m and 4,800 m.
Ayurvedic Prativishaa, Shyaamkandaa, Patis.
Folk Bikhamaa.
Action Root—antiemetic, antidiarrhoeal, antirheumatic, antiperiodic.
The root contains diterpenoid aLkaloids and a nitrogenous non-alkaloid compound, benzamide. Alkaloids include vakognavine, palmatisine, vakatisine, vakatisinine and vakatidine.
The root is intensely bitter, like quinine, is used with Piper longum for diarrhoea and vomiting; used externally as an application for rheumatism.


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