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Holostemma annularis

Holostemma annularis (Roxb.) K. Schum.



Synonym H. ada-kodien Schult. H. rheedii Wall.



Asclepias annularis Roxb.



Family Asclepiadaceae.


Holostemma annularis

Habitat Tropical Himalayas and Western Peninsula. Cultivated in

Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu.

Ayurvedic Ark-pushpi.

Siddha/Tamil Palay-keerai.

Action Roots—used in orchitis, spermatorrhoea, also as laxative. Roots are used as Jivanti in Kerala


Holostemma annularis

The tubers contain protein (5.5— 10%). It gave alpha-amyrin, lupeol and beta-sitosterol. Aspartic acid, glycine, serine, threonine and valine were detected chromatographically.

The bark gave alpha-amyrin, lupeol and beta-sitosterol.


Holostemma annularis


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